Google Calendar Widget for Adobe Muse


With the help of this widget you can embedd your Google Calendar in your site created in Adobe Muse.

This is a free Adobe Muse widget by

Download :

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Install the widget:

To install this widget in Muse double click the file you just download from the email sent by us. File Name is Google_calendar_widget_creativated.mulib. As soon as you double click on it It will be added to Library Panel In Muse. Library panel can be located from Windows > Library in Muse.


To use this widget you need to make sure your Google Calendar is public. Please check the link below

How to Use:

  • drag and drop the Google Calendar Widget from the Library panel to the desired location of the page.
  • Open the Widget options by clicking the blue circle at the right side top of the widget.
  • Enter your Google ID is the email field with which your calendar is registered with.
  • google calendar widget options adobe muse
  • Under calendar setting section you get 4 more options.
    • Week Starts on : you can select one of the 3 options to start your week day in the calendar
    • Language: You can select the default language for your calendar out of 40 languages.
    • Time Zone: Select the desired timezone from the dropdown.
    • Background Color: Select the Background color to mix it with the skin of your page.

In case you have any doubt or question about the widget then feel free to leave a comment below or send us an email on