Mouse Pointer Widget for Adobe Muse

featured image Mouse Pointer Widget for Adobe Muse

Use your own custom mouse cursor ico file for Adobe Muse site. Its a free Adobe Muse widget.
Please check the tabs below for more details:

  • This widget Lets you add your custom mouse image for normal and hover state of the mouse pointer.
  • Supports only ico files.
  • Just apply this widget in Master page and all your site pages will have your custom mouse pointer
Click the button below to preview the Widget. previewinbr

Muse Version :

Muse CC 2015.1 or above


Works with desktop


  1. Google Chrome
  2. Mozilla FireFox
  3. Safari
  4. Internet Explorer
  5. Edge Browser
  6. Opera

Click the link below to Download the widget.

Mouse Pointer Widget

Please provide an email address where we should send the download link.


Install the widget:

To install this widget in Muse double click the file you just download from the email sent by us. File Name is Mouse Pointer Widget_creativated.mulib. As soon as you double click on it It will be added to Library Panel In Muse. Library panel can be located from Windows > Library in Muse.mouse pointer widget library


As this widget support .ico file only, you need to convert your mouse pointer images to ico file format. You can search for any free online ico converter for the same.

You can check as well.

Once you have the ico files with install the widget in Muse.

How to Use :

Once you are ready to user the widget, drag and drop it to the Master page.

We recommend you using the master page as this will automatically apply this widget to all related pages.

Once you place the widget open its options panel by clicking the blue circle at the right side top of it.

Mouse Pointer Widget Options In the panel you have 2 options:

  1. Normal Image: Click on "Add file" and select the ico file that you want to use for the normal state of the mouse pointer
  2. Hover Image: Click on "Add file" and select the ico file that you want to use for the Hover state of the mouse pointer. Applies to Hyperlinks and submit buttons.
In case you have any question about the widget then feel free to leave a comment or send us an email on