Disqus Comment Widget For Adobe Muse

Disqus Comment Widget For Adobe Muse

Create a comment section in your Adobe Muse page where people can comment with their Facebook, twitter,google IDs. You can also keep track of comments on each page you add this widget to.


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Install the widget:

To install this widget in Muse double click the file you just download from the email sent by us. File Name is Disqus_comment_widget_creativated.mulib. As soon as you double click on it It will be added to Library Panel In Muse. Library panel can be located from Windows > Library in Muse.
  • Before you can use this widget you need to go to DISQUS to sign up with them.
  • Once you are signed up and Logged in Go to Admin Section and create a site for you. https://disqus.com/admin/create/
  • Give your WebSite a name and a category. (take note of the website name)
  • Click create to create a site.
  • Now rest of the action id required in Muse.
  • Install “Disqus Comment widget” in Adobe Muse.
  • Drag and drop it from the Library panel and place it on the location of your choice in Muse.
  • Usually designers love to set its resize property to “Stretch to Browser Widget”
  • Go to Widget Options panel by clicking the blue circle at the right side top.
  • Enter the website name you gave while creating a site in disqus.com.
  • Publish your site to server and you are ready to use the Disqus commenting on your pages. If you are a photographer, artist, write or creative and would love to hear what other think about your work then Disqus comment widget is the best tool for you to get their feedback.

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