HTML5 Video Player Widget for Adobe Muse

Add a local .MP4, .OGG or WebM video file in Adobe Muse. In case you do not want to use youtube video and want to host your video locally then this is the right widget for you. Check the tabs below for more details.

HTML5 Video Player Widget for Adobe Muse

  1. Add MP4, OGG or WEBM file extension to make sure your video player in all browsers
  2. Decide how video will behave when page is loaded
  3. Autoplay, Mute or Loop
  4. Add or remove user control to play, pause the video.
  5. Add poster image while video is loading.
  6. Leave a message if browser is not compatible with video.
Tested Ok with following Devices
  • Desktop
  • Tablet : Autoplay will not work due to IOS and Android properties
  • Mobile : Autoplay will not work due to IOS and Android properties
Tested Ok with following Browsers
  • Internet Explorer and Edge Browser
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera


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Install the widget:

To install this widget in Muse double click the file you just download from the email sent by us. File Name is VideoPlayerWidget_creativated.mulib. As soon as you double click on it It will be added to Library Panel In Muse. Library panel can be located from Windows > Library in Muse.


As this widget is used to add your local videos in Adobe Muse , you need to have an MP4 file with you that is supported by all latest browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge and opera. To make sure your video also plays with older version of these browsers you are advised to convert your MP4 file to OGG and WebM format as well using any online converter.

How to Use Video Player Widget:

  • drag and drop the videoPlayerWidget_cretivated from the Library panel to the desired location of the page.
  • Select the widget and open its widget options panel by clicking on the blue circle at the right side of top.
  • Widget Options panel looks like this
  • Click on "Add file" Button in front of "MP4 file" and select the MP4 file with the help of Finder or Windows Explorer
  • In case you have the optional OGG and WEBM video files then you can also add them to the widget.
  • Choose a Poster Image : This option let you add a poster image to your video. This option is useful when you use a large video file and browser shows this poster image while it download the video file.
  • Video Title: This option gives you the ability to add tooltip on the video. Useful for screen reader.
  • Enable Controls: If you check this option then the site visitor will be able to see the control option to play, pause, muse , full screen etc. If you do not want to give this ability to site visitor then you can uncheck this option.
  • Autoplay on Load: Check this option if you want the video to autoplay when the page is loaded.
  • Loop at the end: Check this option if you want the video to loop once the video is over
  • Mute Video on Load: Check this option if you want your video to be muted initially

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