PureChat Widget for Adobe Muse

Add easy to use chat support system to your Adobe Muse site with the help of Purechat widget and interact with your site visitors.

PureChat Widget for Adobe Muse

With the help of Purechat widget you can create a chat support system on your Adobe Muse site. You just need to sign up with pure chat by clicking the link below and you will be ready to use this free tool. Click on the link below to sign up with PureChat. Below are the features provided by purechat
  • Provide instant answers on your website and see visitor history.
  • See who’s on your website in real-time and start a conversation.
  • See chat metrics over time and track customer satisfaction.
Muse Version : Muse CC 2015.1 or above Device: Works with desktop, Tablet and Phone Browsers:
  1. Google Chrome
  2. Mozilla FireFox
  3. Safari
  4. Internet Explorer
  5. Edge Browser
  6. Opera


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Install the widget:

To install this widget in Muse double click the file you just download from the email sent by us. File Name is PureChat_widget_creativated.mulib. As soon as you double click on it It will be added to Library Panel In Muse. Library panel can be located from Windows > Library in Muse.
Before using the widget you need to need to sign up to Purechat and set up your chat box there. How to set up in Muse
  • Once you are done setting up in purechat dashboard drag and drop the widget from the library pane.
  • Click on the blue circle at the right side top of it to open Widget Options panel.
  • Enter the "PureChat Site ID" and Come outside the widget options panel.
  • Now your widget is ready to use.
  • Click on File > Preview page in browser and you will be able to see a prompt in the page to start a chat with you.
How to Find PureChat Site ID:
  • Login to your purechat Dashboard
  • Click on Account tab at the right side top.
  • Click on Websites in the left hand sidebar.
  • Click on Customize and you will be able to see the site ID in the address bar of your browser as shown below.
  • At the same location you can customize the look and behavior of your chat box as well.
Sign up to PureChat for Free: Sign Up to Purechat if free, You can click the link below to sign up with purechat.

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