How to add alternative text and tooltip to an image in Adobe Muse

If an image cannot be shown on to the browser that your site visitor is using then the details provided in alternative text is rendered on the browser this is also useful for visually impaired visitors of your site so that the screen readers can read something about the image onto the website. Alternate text is also useful for the Search Engine Optimization purpose.

Tooltip is helpful when someone hover over the image on your website, as soon as someone however over the image a tooltip with the image detail would show up.

In Adobe Muse you get the opportunity to add both the details to an image below are the steps to do that.

  • Select the image in design mode.
  • Right click on the image and select Edit image properties.
  • In the new popup window you would get two options to enter alternative text and tooltip.
  • Enter the details as per your need and click on OK

You can not add alternative text and tooltip to images used as fill of a rectangle.

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