How to Change From email address in Adobe Muse Contact form

Adobe Muse gives web designers ability to create a contact form very easily that give you the ability to decide send to email address in the contact form widget options. Once someone submit a contact form on your site an email is sent to designated “send to” email address with you Adobe ID as “From” email address. For developers who are creating sites for their clients it is not a nice option and their client may want to have a different email address in “from” email (probably their personal email address). For Such Muse users here is the trick that will help you to muse file in such a way that you get “from”email of your choice.

Actually the command of “From” email address is codes in a Muse script file. You need to edit that file on your hosting folder and you will be able to receive email from the email of your choice.

Note: These steps works for Sites hosted on Third party hosting, Not on the Adobe Hosting known as Business Catalyst.

  1. Upload your site to FTP
  2. Go to your hosting panel and access file manage.
  3. Locate the folder where your files are placed.
  4. In that folder you will be able to see a folder named as “Scripts”
  5. Inside “Scripts” folder you will be able to see some php files named like form-u1234.php
  6. Open those file in any code editor and look for codes as following

  7. 'email' => array(
    'from' => '',
    'to' => ''
  8. Go ahead and replace email mention ahead of  ‘from’ => to the email of your choice.
  9. Save the changes and you are ready to receive emails from the email address of your choice.

Note: You would need to do the same changes everytime you make changes to your Adobe Muse file and upload it to server.

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