How to Change Title of A page created in Adobe Muse

Page title is an important feature of every page of a website. The title tag of a page shows at the top of the browsers.  It is important for user experience and SEO. When your site is shown in the search results of a search engine then they use the title of the page to show the heading of your site. Please check the screenshot below:

Page title is also used as a title of your page when it is shared on social media such as facebook, twitter and google plus.

Below are the steps to change the title of a page in Adobe Muse

  • Open your .muse file in Adobe Muse.
  • Go to Plan View in Adobe Muse.
  • Right Click on the page and select “Page Properties”
  • Go to Options Tab.
  • Uncheck “Same as Page name” below page title box.
  • Type the desired title in Page Tilte box and click Ok.
  • Repeat the same process for other pages as well.
  • Once done reupload your site to server.

Now if you visit the site, then you will see the new titles at the top of the browsers.

New title may not show immediately on search results of search engines as they keep on using the old data until they re-crawl your website.

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