How to Find hidden elements in breakpoints of Adobe Muse

While working in multiple breakpoints in Adobe Muse there are occasions when you need to unhide and element that you made hidden with the help of options “Hide In breakpoint”and “Hide in Other Breakpoints” To do so you can try one of the 2 options listed below.

Show All In Breakpoint :

Right click anywhere on the breakpoint area and select the option “Show all in Breakpoint”. This will unhide all the elements in the breakpoint.

Layers Panel:

Options shown above is useful when you have one or two element hidden in the page. In case you have multiple hidden elements in the breakpoint then you can use Layer panel. Once you open the Layers panel then you would observe that visible element are represented with a dot in from of them under “visibility toggler column”. You can click in the same area of the element with no dot to toggle the visibility. Image below shows the area to toggle the visibility.

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