How to upload your Adobe Muse site to Godaddy

A lot of Muse users have their site hosted on Godaddy or plan to host it on Godaddy and in the upload to ftp process they get confused and end up entering incorrect details and get error. I am dedicating this post to such Adobe Muse uses who has Starter or Economy hosting plan (Single Domain Hosting) with Godaddy. Below are the steps to successfully upload your site to godaddy servers.

Once you are ready to upload your muse file to Godaddy click in File > Upload to FTP Host.

Authentication Process:

This will generate a pop up window that will ask you for 3 details to connect with your Godaddy server.

Adobe Muse Connect to FTP Server
  • FTP Server : This the address of server where you site is hosted. You can find this details from the Godaddy C-panel. You need to look for the IP address or the FTP address in C-Panel. Please check the screenshot below. Location of the IP is indicated with number 1 in  red circle.
  • User Name : For user name you can either create a new FTP account in Cpanel or you can use the default user name.  Default user name for your site will be the name that you used to login to your CPanel or the name of  the folder under home directory. Please check the screenshot below. Location of the user name is indicated with number 2 in  red circle.
  • Password : You need to enter the password that you use to login to Cpanel. If you are not sure then Please contact Godaddy support to get the correct password for your Cpanel.

Upload Location:

Once you are through the first step of authentication then you would need to tell Muse about following details about your site and server:

  • Site Domain: You need your site domain here. This information is very useful to ensure your site shows the correct typekit fonts and you contact form also works fine.
  • Folder On Server: By default folder on server is “public_html” for Godaddy. Muse will be able to pick this automatically but if it is blank then you would need to enter it manually.
  • Upload: Here you get 2 options. If you are uploading your site for the first time then select “All Files”. In case you have made some modification in the site the you can select “Only Modifies Files”, This will ensure that only those files are uploaded on the server that have been changed. This will reduce the upload time and will also save some data for your Internet connection.
Upload to FTP in Muse : SIte Details

Once you have uploaded all the details then you just need to click on Ok and Muse will take care of the rest.

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