How to verify your Adobe Muse site on Google Webmaster Tool or Search Engine Console

When you add your site as a property in Google Webmaster to you are asked to verify your site. To verify the site you need to upload some files onto your server as per Google guidelines. As it is not possible to add a file in Adobe Muse below are some alternate methods that you can use to verify your site that is created with Adobe Muse.

  • Login to Google Webmaster Tools or search engine console.
  • Select your site and click on verify property.
  • In a new page you would get two options.
    • Recommended method.
    • Alternate methods.
  • Click on Alternate methods and check the option of HTML tag.
  • As soon as you select the option of HTML tag you will see a meta tag created as mentioned below.
<meta name="google-site-verification" content="jdhfkdjhgdkfjhgk_8_kjhgkjdghkdfjghk" />
  • Copy the code created on your web master console.
  • Go to Muse and open home page in design mode.
  • Click on Page >> Page properties.
  • Select Metadata tab and paste the code in HTML for <head> section.
  • Upload the site to your server.
  • Now go to Google Webmaster tool or search engine console and verify your site by clicking verify.
  • Your site will get verified immediately.

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